My name is Josh and I’m someone that is helping more and more people change their view on coffee.
Coffee isn’t just that morning pick me up. Of course, it does do that, but coffee is so much more than just that.

When you taste a coffee that you’ve never had before and it hits just that right spot, something will click. The way you look at coffee will never be the same.

In fact, I was kind of pissed (joking but also kinda not) when I dove head first into the world of specialty coffee.
Why have we been getting lied to about coffee this whole time? We’ve been getting gypped with this sub-par coffee all of our lives.
At the same time that we’ve been getting low-quality coffee, the farmers have been getting unbelievably offensive wages.

Who is winning in this? Definitely not the farmers or the consumers.

Coffee is capable of being so much more than a morning pick me up. You as the consumer, voting with your dollar, can make a difference by placing your vote for better coffee.

You have the powa!!

Realizing that you can make a difference in this world and drink amazing coffee all at the same time gives you some really awesome feels.

When roasters are building beneficial relationships with farmers and they both have the same goal of producing better coffee then everybody wins.

We, as the consumer of this highly crafted bean, feel like we should do them an honor.

If you don’t just like to drink the coffee but you also enjoy the brewing process then this site is just for you.

Those that question,”How did Starbucks get so popular? their coffee is not that good.”

If you want to craft an excellent cup of coffee you’re in the right place. As you dive in I think you’ll start to realize that there are no definite rules telling you how to make a perfect cup.

A great cup is a journey. one you have to grind through(Ha…get it?)

There are guidelines to getting ” the perfect cup” but think of them as just that.


You are unique. You will probably like something different than me.

Explore the world of coffee, that’s where the fun is at!

Drinking Quality Coffee And Brewing It With a Passion.

If you are on your coffee journey join in with ours and let’s explore together. We will discover all that coffee has to offer!

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