Argyle Coffee – Colombia Inga Aponte

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The guys at Argyle Coffee are giving us a fun coffee to explore. This Coffee was grown in the Nariño region, at 2150 meters above sea level. You can really tell that this is a Colombian coffee by the caramel sweetness that this bean brings to your cup.

I tested this coffee with multiple brewing methods. I found that this was wonderful brewed as a french press, 16:1 ratio. This gives you a cup that has  the characteristic body that a french press brings to you but  also has a sweet syrupy taste, leaving a lingering after taste urging you to drink more.

I figured that since this coffee worked really great as in immersion brew why not try and cold brew it?

And then I figured, while I’m at it why don’t I get a little experimental. I decided to cold brew this coffee in milk after stumbling across this reddit coffee forum.

This was actually my favorite way to enjoy this coffee. Think of chocolate milk but instead of mixing the milk with chocolate syrup you mixed it with sweetend coffee syrup. So delicious!

 My Argyle Coffee-Colombia Inga Aponte Recipe



  • 8:1 ratio(i.e. 910 grams whole milk to 114 grams coffee)
  • coarsely grind your beans
  • steep together for 3 hours
  • remove beans and enjoy. 

You may be wondering why I’ve only gone with a brew time of 3 hours, typically when making a cold brew you are brewing for at least 10-12 hours. This is because milk extracts coffee differently than water. Milk has fats in it and these fats pull out all of the hydrophobic stuff in the coffee a lot faster than water does. these are the oils in the beans and these oils contain bitter flavors.

So because of this I was afraid of over extracting the coffee, making me decide to brew for only three hours. I’m sure this could have been extracted a bit more. Next time I try it I’m going to brew it for four hours instead of three and see what I get.

Overall this a great tasting coffee, classic Colombian characteristics that should please you with any brew method you choose. There are so many more that i haven’t explored like as an espresso!

Grab yourself a bag at Argyle Coffee and join in on the conversation there is still so much more exploring we can do with this coffee.

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