French Press Coffee

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French press coffee is loved by some and looked down upon by others. There is a raging feud that will only end in, blood, tears and caffeine! Kidding. But what is a french press? This coffee maker is a glass or metal cylinder with a mesh plunger that brews your morning cup by fully immersing your coffee grounds into the …


Pour Over Coffee: Benefits And How To

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Pour over coffee is fantastic. If you want to bring out the brightness of a coffee the pour over brew method is where it’s at. Pour overs give you, the brewer, ultimate control. You can control every variable that it takes to make a great cup of coffee. The three major variables are: Coffee to water Water Temperature Contact time(between …


Puerto Rican Coffee: The Rise And How Hurricane Irma Will Slow It Down.

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Have you ever enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee from Puerto Rican coffee? You probably haven’t in recent years unless you have actually been to the island. The island has not been exporting their coffee for a number of years but has been ramping up specialty coffee production in preparation to make a splash in the coffee scene. Irma is …


Aeropress Brewing: Standard or Inverted?

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Aeropress brewing is fun, unique and sometimes dangerous. It is unique because it is a hybrid of sorts. It’s half pour over and half immersion. There are countless Aeropress recipes out there One of my favorites lately is Ben Jones, US barista champion 2016, you can check out what he had to say about the experience he had with the …

coffee cools and flavor changes

The Flavor Change. What’s happening as coffee cools.

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Have you noticed that as your coffee cools it’s flavor starts to change? When it’s piping hot and steaming like crazy, to me it tastes a lot more bitter. As the temperature begins to drop I can start to pick out a lot of the sweeter tones. I think this is a unique quality that coffee has, can anybody else …

Casita Coffee Samples

Casita Coffee Roasters

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I love businesses like Casita coffee roasters, they are a small family owned business whose focus is on building great working relationships with coffee farmers. If you’ve read anything else on the site you know that that’s where I think the future of coffee is going. We need to appreciate the farmer. Casita was kind enough to send me samples …

Angels-cups the easiest way to discover new coffee

Discovering New Coffee The Easy Way

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Discovering new coffee is fun and exciting. As you explore you will begin to find flavors you didn’t know existed. Velvety caramel sweetness combining perfectly with that oh so familiar coffee flavor that we know and love. Do you want to take your coffee game to the next level? Are you interested in tasting coffee from all over the world …