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I love businesses like Casita coffee roasters, they are a small family owned business whose focus is on building great working relationships with coffee farmers.

If you’ve read anything else on the site you know that that’s where I think the future of coffee is going.

We need to appreciate the farmer.

Casita was kind enough to send me samples of their coffee in exchange for my opinion.

Casita Coffee Roasters

Casita coffee roasters, Located in North Oakland, CA mark every bag with a roast date so that you know you are getting your coffee fresh out of the roaster.

The owner, Nikki Foster was working as a photographer and blogger for a non profit that would visit Africia.This is where her eyes were truly opened.

She saw that many farmers were being treated unfairly. Which is not surprising with how the coffee industry has been in the past.

This compelled her to take action.

Casita Coffee Roasters

This action is what casita coffee roasters is.

Casita sources their beans from trusted, specialty coffee farmers in Uganda — and it shows.

Out of all of the coffees they sent The Uganda roast was by far my favorite.

When you rip open the pouch you will be hit with the aromas of sweet toasted pastry.

I brewed this coffee as an aeropress.


  • 14g coffee
  • 200g water
  • 2:05 brew time
  • 2 stirs before pressin’

If I could describe the taste as a sound I would say that these beans are a poppy jazz.

Lots of natural sweetness.Think berries or dried fruit.

As the cup cooled slightly other tantalizing flavors started to poke their head through.

Described in a sentence This was a silky smooth vanilla raspberry pop coffee.

The Uganda was by far my favorite but the other roasts were nothing to walk away from.

Costa Rican & Ethiopian

The Costa Rican coffees were definitely interesting.

Sourced from La Casona and Helsar Asdrubal Chavez, both roasted light.

The La casona costa rican is like a classic costa rican to me. Smooth, well balanced with slight chocolatey sweetness.

The Helsar Asdrubal Chavez was a new experience for me. This was most definitely on the savory side of the  coffee flavor wheel.

As soon as the package was torn open I was hit with the scent of salty sweetness.

And the smell carried right over to the taste.

I was surprised to taste saltiness in my cup, getting notes of soy sauce and steak.

Surprisingly it tasted a bit like beef jerky to me.

A hearty cup for sure.

Casita Coffee Ethiopian

I love Ethiopian coffee and Casita has two sources for their Ethiopian. Duromina and Nano Challa.

I preferred the Duromina over the Nano Challa.

The Duromina was bursting with classic Ethiopian floral notes in the front with a toasty backend.

The Nano Challa smelt as though it was going to have a sweeter tasting cup but it actually came out a little bit more bland than the Duromina in comparison.

However I did receive a nice hand written note that let me know these were aeropress samples and I couldn’t stop myself from brewing at least one Ethiopian as a pour over.

None of these coffees were bad, the Uganda was absolutely amazing to me. Casita is leading by example. Their model of working with farmers towards a unified goal of making coffee better is the future of coffee.

Let’s spread the love around.

The farmers should get a fair cut and we should get better coffee.

Everybody wins.

We have the power to make the world better with our purchases.

Vote for a better world with your dollar.

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Stay tuned for more coffee reviews, Helping you find your new favorite coffee.

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