Coffee Reviews

Wanting to know what to expect from a coffee before you buy it? Take a browse through some different coffees that I have tried to see if you will like them.

This is a coffee journal that has been written while exploring the world of specialty coffee. I love exploring and getting to know different coffees. As I build a relationship with the coffee I will write a little something about each one that will hopefully help you find your favorite.

Theodore’s Coffee – Wush Wush

A truly unique experience! This is a perfect blend between coffee and a citrus floral tea.

Argyle Coffee – Colombia Inga Aponte

The delicious coffee hits you with a syrupy sweetness and leaves a lingering after taste the urges you to come back for more.

Sibling Coffee Roasters

A dark roasted ethiopian blend that definitely brings a bright syrupy body but also leaves you with a sweet after taste of raisin…or maybe fig, Something sweet like that.

Preferred brew methods: Espresso,  Aeropress and French press.

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Casita Coffee Roasters

A small batch roaster leading by example. Making strong connections with the origin. They understand the importance of treating the farmer right.

A wide selection of origins with their uganda being the most delicious

Uganda Flavor Profile: Silky smooth raspberry vanilla punch.

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