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Discovering New Coffee The Easy Way

Coffee Better drinking

Discovering new coffee is fun and exciting.

As you explore you will begin to find flavors you didn’t know existed.

Velvety caramel sweetness combining perfectly with that oh so familiar coffee flavor that we know and love.

Do you want to take your coffee game to the next level?

Are you interested in tasting coffee from all over the world roasted by perfectionists?

The New Coffee

The way we drink coffee is being transformed, the different growing regions of coffee are being recognized for their unique characteristics.

Bright floral and citrusy zest come through in most Ethiopian coffee — imagine a coffee infused hibiscus tea.


And these are accented by a master roaster, bringing these beans to the exact roast level that they need for their best qualities to shine through in your cup.

There are some good coffees, others that are alright, and a small number of really awful tasting, burnt coffees.

But we won’t mention any names will we Starbucks?

The amount of choice may be overwhelming. How do you know which coffees you will like if you are just starting out in the world of specialty coffee?

The solution

Angel’s cup. An easy solution for somebody who is looking to be a coffee hunter.

That’s somebody who is looking to explore the world of coffee and develop their tasting senses while getting to know great roasters.

You can become a master of tasting by discovering new coffee.This opens your eyes to the vast world of flavors that coffee can give to you.

The easiest way to explore

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Angel’s cup, in my opinion, offers you the easiest way to explore the world of specialty coffee.

With their flexible order options, it really couldn’t be easier.

Option one: The cupping flight $9.99

  • 4 small samples(32 grams each)
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  • Light or medium roast
  • Whole bean or ground

Option two: The black box special $21.99

  • 4 larger samples(78grams each)
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  • Light or medium roast
  • Whole bean or ground

Each one of these options is for the curious coffee drinker. Angel’s cup is unique because you have the chance of blind tasting every single coffee they send you.

None of the bags have labels. So there is no brand bias.

And another thing is they never, ever sit on inventory. You will never receive the same coffee twice.

They guarantee it.

Which should I choose?

This depends on how you plan on enjoying your coffee.

If you prefer to just say Hi to a bunch of new coffees all the time get the cupping flight.

But if you prefer to have a sit-down conversation with your coffee I would go black box.

With the larger sample sizes, you can explore coffee with multiple different brewing methods

The cupping flight is great for cupping sessions, makes so much sense right?

Usually, with the cupping flight, I will do a round of cupping[link to my site] this only take about 9 grams which leaves enough to brew one cup of coffee.

This puts a lot of pressure on you to nail the brew the first time.

Not all coffees are suited as pour overs.

Some coffee tastes better when brewed as an aeropress or french press instead.

Getting to explore is the added benefit of the black box special.

Discovering new coffee

Another thing that angels cup is great for is developing your coffee flavor palate by discovering new coffee.

You get to try out so many different coffees from loads of roasters.

The cupping flight is only 10 bucks for 4 35gram samples and you can get choose to get the weekly, bi weekly or monthly.

I get mine bi-weekly so that means for 20 bucks I get to try 8 random coffees twice.

16 cups of coffee for 20 bucks.

Not too bad for specialty coffee.Comparable to gas station coffee.

Yeah, you have to brew it yourself but if you ask me that’s part of the fun.

Blind Taste tests with the roaster

Removing brand bias and getting to truly experience the coffee without anything telling you what to taste.

If you choose to you can go in completely blind or you can sneak a peek and see what coffee you ore about to enjoy.

With every order you receive an info card with:

  • Roasters name
  • Roast Level
  • Origin
  • Tasting notes and experience

But if you prefer to live mysteriously and challenge your taste buds you can choose to not look at the cards.

This is a great way to develop your tasting senses.

The info cards aren’t the only way that you can taste with the roasters.

Angel’s cup App

Another unique feature of angel’s cup that benefits you by enhancing your tasting abilities is thei app.

While sipping away you can graph out the body, aftertaste, mouthfeel, and complexity of a cup you are drinking.

You have access to their flavor wheel which really helps you put those flavor signals your brain is getting put into words.

Afterwards, you can write a little description

Flavor profiles

I’ll tell you though, sometimes my flavor profiles are way different from the roasters.

It made me feel a little bad at first like I was bad at tasting or something.

Then I thought that sounds ridiculous.

How am I bad at Tasting?

Nobody can tell you how to taste.

So if you have any fear about not tasting right or feeling like a fraud, let those go.

Coffee is personal.

Just taste it, do you like it?

Why or why not?

Don’t worry about the specific flavors as much as broad descriptive words. Things like sweet, bitter, salty, zesty, etc…

After you’ve been exposed to a lot of coffee flavors you will then naturally be able to get more specific with your descriptions.

And your flavors might be the same as the roasters and they might not.

Lots of things can affect the flavor.

Brew method for instance.

An aeropress cup is going to taste a lot different than a pour over.

Or maybe you messed the brew up, ground too fine or didn’t brew it long enough.

Which is a reason why the black box might not be a bad idea.

What if you have a really good coffee but you messed the brew up!

I have definitely done that before!

It’s nice to have the extra freedom with larger amounts of coffee

Take aways

So angels cup in a nutshell is a great tool for a coffee nerd that wants to explore the world of coffee and develop your coffee flavor palate. When it comes to discovering new coffee I don’t know of a better way to do it at home. You get to try randomly selected coffee and build a community, getting to know the roaster and others that have the same interests as you.

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Enjoy the world of discovering new coffee, engaging in coffee tasting discussions and expanding your coffee knowledge base.