Sibling Coffee Roasters

Coffee Better review

Sibling coffee roasters is a new roaster on the block. They are a small operation with a huge love for coffee. The head roaster over there is a registered nurse, she not only cares for you physically but takes care of your soul with some good, fresh roasted coffee.

From the moment I placed the order I knew I was in for a good experience, not only can I connect with their story of starting small and working in emergency medicine but it was in what felt like a matter of minutes from when I placed the order I notice received notice that my freshly roasted beans were on their way!

Freaky fast,Kinda putting Jimmy John’s to shame!

I ordered the Ethiopian blend that they were roasting up, the beans were taken to a medium/dark roast.
I know there is some “talk” about dark roasts in some of the specialty coffee circles. Some people believe that taking a bean to a dark roast takes away from the natural flavor.

While I agree that taking the bean darker in roast adds to the flavor I think it can work well sometimes.
Being honest this is the first dark roasted Ethiopian that I have gotten to play around with at home. This coffee has given me a chance to look at Ethiopian coffee’s in a different light.
Most other Ethiopian beans I have gotten the chance to explore have been taken to a light roast or just past first crack in the roasting process.
With most Ethiopian coffee my go to method was to enjoy them as a pour over. The pour over method plays well with bright coffee and really brings out the floral tea like qualities of lots of Ethiopian coffees.

While this coffee is also pretty good as a pour over I think that since this bean has been taken to a dark roast it’s better served as a french press, aeropress or espresso.


Click to learn the aeropress and other coffee brewing methods.

These brewing methods play into the strengths of this coffee in my opinion.

Coffee is subjective

Now, keep in mind this is just my opinion. Coffee is very subjective and you may enjoy it more as a pour. The exploration of the coffee is going to be unique to you and is the best part of the whole thing!

sibling-coffee-roasters bag-label
This roast has some very different and distinct characteristics. Sibling coffee roasters, nailed it when they described this coffee as having a bright syrupy body.

That is the glaring characteristic that comes through in all brewing methods, it’s like a good maple syrup or even a honey like sensation that is really nice.

This coffee hits you with a thicker body that leaves a lingering sweet aftertaste that makes me think of raisins or figs, continuing the same kind of sweetness into the back end of the cup. The darker roast plays well mixed with milk which is why it works well as an espresso, give this coffee a try as a nice Latte or affogato.

Sibling coffee roasters are based in Summit point, West Virginia and they bringing you some great coffee. To pick yourself up a bag click the picture below, it will shoot you over to their site.
If you have also tried this coffee or any of their other offerings, please join in on the conversation we would love to talk about all things coffee with you!