Theodore’s coffee – Wush wush

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Wush wush is a truly unique cup of coffee that has been brought to us by Theodore’s coffee!

You can smell the brightness coming from the beans.

For the first half of the cup It tastes like I’m drinking a zesty tea. Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely still coffee. It’s as if coffee and tea have a successful, long lasting relationship in this cup.

As you begin the back half of your cup, the coffee cools and the relationship matures. You begin to say hi to a lot of the intense citrus punches, with the flavor of grapefruit being extremely prominent.   

If you love a zesty herbal tea and the sweet tartness of a grapefruit you will certainly enjoy this bright floral cup of coffee.

My Preferred brew method with this coffee is a pour over. The pour over method really allows for the coffee’s bright tea like qualities to shine through.

Coffee Brewing Methods

Wush Wush Recipe

I used 19 grams of medium/fine coffee.


I used a ratio of 16:1, so I brewed with 304 grams of water at 200°F


My total brew time was 3:15 seconds.

With this recipe I found that the citrus grapefruit punch really broke out.

Try experimenting with grind size to adjust your flavor and see what you can find in this cup!



If you think you would really enjoy this cup of coffee please head over to Theodore’s coffee and get yourself a bag. You will also be helping out the growing coffee community. Theodore’s coffee is involved in great charity work, they participate and give regularly to help out the Micah project which helps underprivileged young men and women in Honduras.

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